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Q. What's this service let me do?
A. We're offering 2 different services really, We can host your domain's DNS AND we also provide a service that lets you register hostnames from domains that we're hosting already as can be browsed on the registry page (linked on the left hand side, thoughout the site).

Even if you don't have a domain you are welcome to signup for your free account and create up to 5 subdomains off of the domains others have contributed and point these hosts anywhere on the Internet.

Q. How does it work? What do I get out of this?
A. I originally started this site because I wanted to make a fast, free, simple and reliable place where users could trade vanity DNS hostnames, thus I have contributed my personal domains for free public use ( / /

Users who own domains may also contribute to the list of available domains. In exchange for contributing, the user gets free redundant off-site DNS hosting, a raised limit to the number of hosts they may freely use, and live full feature update access to their domain the second they click the submit button.

For users that want to host their site off their home dial-up connection / cable modem / DSL or equivalent, a special fetchable URL to auto-update the network address in FreeDNS is available in the 'Dynamic DNS' section for those whose IP address changes at random.

For users who already have a website and want to point a FreeDNS host to their existing website, the URL redirecting (Web Forward) service has been put into place.

Q. Users? Am I a user?
A. You are if you sign up :).

Q. How fast is
A. Configurations vary based on geographic region these days. Many upgrades have occurred over time, the service operates on enterprise grade equipment.

Q. How much is it?
A. What is free, stays free. Additional premium services are available. You can view the premium service features here, or at any time.

Q. I have my own domain, can you host the DNS for it too?
A. Certainly. You can navigate to the 'domains' link on the left, and add it in.

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exclamationTip #1
Keep your email address current in the preferences area. If you forget your password, the only way you will be able to recover your account, is via the supplied email address.
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